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Copywriting 101 – retro social media

This lovely bit of vintage-style copywriting has been around for a while, but I only just discovered it and thought it deserved a second look. It’s an ad campaign by Brazilian ad agency, Moma Propaganda, for Maxi Midia, with the tagline, ‘Everything ages fast. Update.’ The series of adverts focus on Facebook, Skype, Twitter and [...]

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How to use Facebook’s new timeline to boost your business

Facebook will change its users over to the new style timeline on March 30. But how can businesses best use the timeline format for their pages? 1) Wow your fans with a new cover image The cover image provides a great opportunity to inspire and connect with visitors to your page. You can even think [...]

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Copywriting 101 – when copywriting goes bad

So, we’ve all seen that terrible sexist advertising from the 1950s, like this rather patronising retro ad. But ads these days couldn’t get away with something like that – could they? Step forward American vodka company Wodka Vodka, who recently put up billboards promising Bronx residents ‘escort quality’ with ‘hooker pricing.’ Nice. Still, at least [...]

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What you need to know about Pinterest

So, you’ve heard the latest hype about pinboard-styled social photo sharing site, Pinterest. But what’s the big deal? And how can you use it effectively to market your business? Firstly, what is Pinterest? According to the Pinterest website, it’s a virtual pinboard, which lets you ‘organise and share all the beautiful things you find on [...]

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Copywriting 101 – Pond’s Cream

After last week’s retro ad went down so well, I wanted to discover some more vintage advertising. Searching online, I came across some fabulous adverts for beauty company Pond’s, from throughout the decades. Pond’s Cream was invented in the US as a medicine by scientist Theron T Pond in 1846. He extracted a healing tea [...]

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Top tips for working from home

When I decided to go freelance, I found myself working from home for the first time and while there are an abundance of benefits to this, it’s easy to make mistakes. Working from home meant no more painful commutes on packed trains full of the great unwashed, no more office politics, and the chance, if [...]

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Copywriting 101- You Mean A Woman Can Open It?

The first in a series of funny/interesting/clever/memorable or downright terrible adverts. This week I decided to go for some retro copywriting, with this ad from the 1950s. Take a look and let me know what you think: Yes, even with her dainty grasp, this woman can open a bottle of ketchup WITHOUT the help of [...]

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Women doing it for themselves

To celebrate International Women’s Day today, I wanted to take a look at the female heroes of the business world. International Women’s Day celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women around the world. But in many areas of business it can still be something of a man’s world. According to McKinsey & Company, [...]

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What small businesses can learn from the new Guardian ad

Have you seen the fancy new Guardian advert? It’s a very clever re-imagining of the story of the Three Little Pigs and how it would play out in print, online and through social media. You can watch it here: The Guardian says the ad marks the paper’s first major brand positioning advert for more than [...]

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